3 ways to say goodbye to clogged pipes!

3 ways to say goodbye to clogged pipes!

Clogged pipes in the kitchen or bathroom are a problem in the daily life of many households and experienced technicians such as those with whom Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου works. In order to avoid them and to save the visit from a plumber, there are three simple practices that you can use, after you see warning signs, such as blockage of the pipes and unpleasant odors. But what are these practices?

Boiling water

Starting with the simplest, fill a kettle or pot with water and, after waiting for it to reach boiling point, gradually pour the hot water into the pipes. Allow a few seconds to elapse between empties. This easy, fast and inexpensive way is ideal for uncluttering your sink or bathtub, especially when your pipes are not very clogged. It is also ideal for preventive use.

Salt and Baking Soda

The best practice for clogging pipes that have problems due to accumulated fat or grease is to mix half a cup of table salt and half a cup of soda. Distribute the mixture in the piping, then pour a cup of boiling water into each siphon and leave it overnight. This combination of salt, soda and hot water will create a reaction that will result in the -temporary- blockage of your pipes.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

When it is necessary to take even more drastic measures to block your pipes, the solution lies in the combination of baking soda and vinegar. Place half a cup of baking soda at the inlet of each siphon – in the sink, bathtub and sink. Then heat in the microwave from a cup of white vinegar for each entry. Slowly pour the vinegar over the soda, paying special attention, as the chemical reaction between these two materials causes foaming and fumes. After leaving them on for about half an hour, turn on the tap and rinse with plenty of water.

Extra tip for the bathtubz

Half an hour after pouring the vinegar over the soda, close the siphon with the bathtub cap and fill it with water. Once full, open the siphon again so that the pressure from the accumulated volume of water works properly.

What Not To Throw Away In Your Home Drain?

A clogged sewer looks like a nightmare for every household! How do you minimize the risk of finding your own sewer clogged ? First, make sure you do not throw unwanted objects into it! Whether it is the sink or the toilet of your house, the rules of prevention are common and clear. That is why, below, we present to you the most basic items that are forbidden to throw in your home sewers .

Napkins & napkins

These are materials that do not break down easily in water and should not be confused with toilet paper. In the same category belong baby wipes, kitchen paper and any other item made of paper, which has durability and denser texture.

Napkins, tampons, diapers

Or, more generally, anything that contains a large amount of nylon or is designed to absorb liquid quantities. Such objects, unfortunately, will immediately cause a blockage in your sewer!

Chewing gum & cigarette butts

They may look like tiny, innocent objects to your sewer… But they are not! Chewing gum is extremely sticky, while the gums have chemicals and non-biodegradable filters.

Dental floss

Made from a material that does not dissolve easily, dental floss tends to build up on the walls of your sink or toilet. So, in the medium term, it ends up blocking the drain of your home.

Fat and food waste

Their result? Fatty masses and sediments in your piping. Fats, as well as leftovers from any food, should be taken to your bin – not to your sink!

Soaps & chemical detergents

Likewise, soap or detergent residues are more likely to get stuck in your sewer. What can you do; At least twice a month, pour a sufficient amount of hot water into your sink, sink or toilet. This way, you keep your piping spotless.


This is the main component of a clogged household sewer! The hairs accumulate on the walls of the pipes, preventing the smooth flow of water. What is the solution we suggest? But, of course, the protective plugs that are intended for your sink, sink or bathtub, just for this purpose.

Do you have problems with the sewerage of your home or business premises? Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου provides high quality specialized sewer cleaning services. Contact us and receive our privileged offer!

How Important Is Sewer Cleaning And What Does It Involve?

Rainy winter weather threatens with catastrophic floods any poorly maintained sewerage and water supply network. But beyond the extreme weather conditions, a clogged sewer can create many and varied problems in every home.

Whether it is the bathtub, the toilet bowl or the sink, clogged drains are a nightmare for every household. Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου undertakes to maintain and clean your discharge – even preventive – thus ensuring correct operation.

Sewer maintenance is very important to be done at regular intervals, in order to avoid problems in the future and to ensure its smooth operation. Thus, it is recommended that this preventive cleaning be done once a month , in order to remove hairs, papers, food debris, but also soap from the inside of the pipes.

In this context, internal cleaning of the wells and pipes is done through the controlled water pressure and without the use of sharp objects, in order to avoid damages to the pipes. A synergy of experienced technicians come to your home with the latest equipment and relieve your pipes from fats and wastewater . At the same time, our special trucks are equipped with the latest technology blocking machines that can eliminate any obstacle that prevents the smooth operation of your network.

A well-cleaned sewer can protect you from clogged pipes, stench from pipes and, of course, floods. Decongesting your pipes and networks from leaks, waste and grease reduces the chances of even cracks!

But what can you do to make your sewer system work properly? The answer is quite simple. You should take care to maintain your drainage well at regular intervals, to trust only a specialist for its blockage, which should be done only with the appropriate tools, to check and clean your drains preventively and – finally – avoid throwing unwanted objects into them .

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