Genesee County man facing elder abuse charges, accused of abusing mother | News

Genesee County man facing elder abuse charges, accused of abusing mother | News

A case of elder abuse main to costs against a 50-year-outdated Genesee County guy and authorities say this was a preventable tragedy.

A circumstance of elder abuse primary to rates from a 50-yr-aged Genesee County person and authorities say this was a preventable tragedy.

Officers were identified as to Hurley Clinical Center for a 72-yr-aged girl who was admitted for a couple of times. The Genesee County Sheriff’s Place of work reported the female experienced a broken femur and hip, was septic, and eventually died.

Her 50-12 months-aged son, Michael Lagueux, was with her. When investigators spoke with Lagueux, there were being inconsistencies and contradictions with his statements, the sheriff’s workplace explained.

Deputies executed a research warrant at his home in Genesee Township. Investigators uncovered the household in deplorable circumstances with spoiled meals, black mould, and beg bugs, the sheriff’s business office claimed.

As disturbing as the circumstance is, authorities say they face this trouble generally.

“A great deal of our aged tend to have confidence in a ton far more than they should really, and that is one of their major weaknesses sad to say,” Sgt. Nick Walleman stated.

That weak spot generally prospects to elder abuse. Walleman has overseen the Genesee County Elder Abuse Job Drive above the past year and stated it transpires more than you would assume.

“I have conditions coming in just about every working day,” Walleman reported.

Among the the current kinds, a 72-12 months-old severely injured female who died at Hurley in Flint. The scenario primary investigators to the house of her son, 50-calendar year-old Michael Lagueux.

At the household they observed his cousin a 43-calendar year-previous woman who also is a susceptible adult. Lagueux is now dealing with two rates of abuse of a vulnerable grownup.

Walleman explained the cases can bodily abuse, neglect and even economic fraud. The victims are usually focused by family members customers or scammers.

“One of the most recent cons proclaiming you get $5,000 or $7,000 a week for life. “These people today are calling our aged and they are telling them send out us a thousand bucks you’ll be capable to get your thousands and thousands,” Wallemen said.

Walleman stated to fork out awareness to that little voice inside telling you when some thing isn’t proper.

“Be thorough who you rely on and who you’re going to give your electrical power of attorney to items like that,” Wallemen claimed.

Victims can obtain help through the Elder Abuse Task Power which fights the exploitation of Genesee County seniors.

“We’re below to be that voice and their justice when they do get taken advantage of,” Walleman mentioned.

People who do concentrate on the aged will facial area repercussions.

“Fines, they are having some jail time,” Walleman stated.

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