‘Roborace’ car makes street track debut in Marrakech

'Roborace' car makes street track debut in Marrakech

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Driverless electric racer completes successful track test in Marrakech, Morocco

Planned Roborace series will see autonomous cars compete at Formula E ePrix weekends


It is a car kitted out with technology its developers boldly predict will transform our cities and change the way we live.

The autonomous “DevBot #1” took a giant leap forward in Morocco recently, making its debut on a street track at the Formula E Marrakech ePrix.

The battery-powered prototype is being tested for Roborace – a proposed race series where driverless cars will compete on temporary city circuits.

“It’s the first time we’ve run the Devbot in driverless mode on a Formula E track in the middle of a city street,” Roborace’s Justin Cooke told CNN.

“It’s so exciting for the team who put hours and hours of work in. These guys were up to 1-2 a.m. in the morning developing a technology that no one else in the world is able to do at this speed and in these complicated environments.”

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Using a variety of sensors – including GPS, radar and ultrasonics – allied to sophisticated computer programs, the car learns how to navigate a track at speed avoiding all obstacles.

“What we are doing is at the forefront of technology right now,” says Cooke, who is also CMO of Kinetik – an investment company founded by Russian businessman Denis Sverdlov which is providing financial backing for the project.

“There are two or three kinds of space races, if you will – some people are going to Mars, we’re developing robotic cars and I think it’s probably one of the most, if not the most exciting space in the world right now.”

After the successful 30-minute test in Marrakech – this year’s host city for the United Nations climate change conference (COP22) – Cooke say the company will next try racing two cars together on track with the eventual aim of having up to 10 cars competing at every Formula E ePrix weekend.

“To be here at COP22 when we are celebrating an electric future, a driverless future – it’s the perfect time for Roborace,” Cooke enthuses.

Visit cnn.com/motorsport for more Formula E news and features

“More than anything we want people to be excited about the technology because it’s going to change our lives, it’s going to transform our cities.”

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Space travel: Going to space is a real pain in the back

Space travel: Going to space is a real pain in the back

Astronauts have been reporting back again discomfort due to the fact the late 1980s, when house missions grew for a longer time. Their flight healthcare data clearly show that more than 50 % of US astronauts have reported back pain, especially in their lessen backs. Up to 28% indicated that it was reasonable to serious soreness, often long lasting the period of their mission.

Things don’t boost when they return to Earth’s gravity. In the 1st year immediately after their mission, astronauts have a 4.3 occasions higher risk of a herniated disc.

“It truly is sort of an ongoing trouble that has been a important 1 with trigger for concern,” mentioned Dr. Douglas Chang, initially author of the new review and affiliate professor of orthopedic surgery and chief of bodily drugs and rehabilitation services at College of California San Diego Well being. “So this research is the very first to choose it from just an epidemiological description and appear at the feasible mechanisms for what is heading on with the astronauts’ backs.”

Much focus has been concentrated on intervertebral discs, the spongy shock absorbers that sit in between our vertebrae, as the offender for the again concerns that astronauts experience. But the new research runs counter to that considering. In this investigate, funded by NASA, Chang’s workforce observed minimal to no changes in the discs, their height or swelling.

What they did notice in 6 astronauts who put in 4 to seven months on the ISS was a incredible degeneration and atrophying of the supporting musculature in the lumbar (lower) spine, Chang claimed. These muscles are the types that enable us remain upright, walk and transfer our higher extremities in an ecosystem like Earth, whilst protecting discs and ligaments from pressure or damage.

In microgravity, the torso lengthens, most probably thanks to spinal unloading, in which the spinal curvature flattens. Astronauts also usually are not making use of the muscle mass tone in their lower backs for the reason that they usually are not bending over or applying their reduce backs to move, like on Earth, Chang claimed. This is exactly where the agony and stiffening occurs, a lot like if the astronauts had been in a human body cast for six months.

Our bodies in space: Zero gravity weighs heavy on your health

MRI scans in advance of and following the missions unveiled that the astronauts experienced a 19% lower in these muscle tissue for the duration of their flight. “Even following six months of teaching and reconditioning in this article one Earth, they are only finding about 68% of their losses restored,” Chang spelled out.

Chang and his group take into consideration this a major concern for prolonged-expression manned missions, specifically when contemplating a vacation to Mars that could just take eight or nine months just to get to the Pink Planet. That trip, and the astronauts’ prospective time expended in Martian gravity — 38% of the surface gravity on Earth — results in the prospective for muscle atrophy and deconditioning.

The team’s long run investigate will also glance at claimed neck issues, exactly where there can be even more occurrences of muscle mass atrophy and a slower restoration interval. They are also hoping to lover with another college on inflight ultrasounds of the spine, to seem at what happens to astronauts although they are on the area station.

Yoga in area?

Simply because no person likes back again ache and muscle mass loss, Chang instructed countermeasures that really should be extra to the presently two- to a few-hour exercise routine astronauts have on the space station each individual day. However their physical exercise machines concentration on a range of concerns such as cardiovascular and skeletal overall health, the team believes that area tourists also need to have to contain a main-strenghtening plan targeted on the spine.

Astronauts ask Congress to take care of their health

In addition to the “fetal tuck” posture astronauts use in microgravity to extend their lower again or relieve again pain, Chang advised yoga. But he is aware of that is easier stated than accomplished.

“A lot of yoga is dependent on the results of gravity, like downward dog, in which a stretch through the hamstring, calf muscles, back again of the neck and shoulders are feasible mainly because of gravity. When you clear away that, you may possibly not have the identical benefit.”

Any devices on the house station also have to be developed with regards to fat, sizing and even the reverberations they could produce on the station.

Scott Parazynski, who walked in space seven times, assisted with construction on the space station in 2007.

Chang and the other researchers brainstormed with a virtual actuality crew about unique workout programs that would help astronauts to invite buddies, spouse and children or even Twitter followers to be a part of them in a digital exercise routine, building the day by day repetition of their exercise sessions a lot more exciting and aggressive.

1 of Chang’s teammates has felt this soreness personally. Dr. Scott Parazynski is the only astronaut to summit Mount Everest. He professional a herniated disc immediately after returning from the ISS to Earth. Significantly less than a yr later, when he attempted to climb Everest the initially time, he experienced to be airlifted off. Soon after a rehabilitation system, he ultimately created the summit. Now, he speaks to current astronauts about the approaches they can lead to research about their health and fitness in microgravity.

Keeping the astronauts healthier and in shape is the minimum they can do, Chang stated.

“When a crew will come again, they say on a single facet of the room station, they see this wonderful blue earth,” he explained. “Every thing they hold pricey to them is on this fragile very little earth. And they glance out the other window and just see infinity stretching off into the blackness, and they appear again with a unique feeling of them selves and their spot in the universe.

“All of them are committed to furthering room awareness and producing incremental methods ahead in any way they can for the following crew.”

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This NASA astronaut voted from space

This NASA astronaut voted from space

Tale highlights

  • Shane Kimbrough is a NASA astronaut
  • He voted in the 2016 election
Shane Kimbrough, a NASA astronaut at the moment dwelling on board the Intercontinental Place Station, submitted his ballot in Tuesday’s presidential election, in accordance to a Tumblr post by NASA.
NASA explained to Yahoo Information that Kimbrough filed his ballot in the 2016 election from the space station sometime around the previous couple days.

For astronauts who will be in house on Election Working day, the voting course of action starts a yr before launch. At that time, they are ready to pick out the elections in which they want to take part.

Then, 6 months in advance of the election, astronauts are offered with the form “Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request — Federal Post Card Application.”

NASA astronaut David Wolf was the initial American to vote in place when on the Russian Mir House Station in a 1997 neighborhood election, in accordance to NPR.

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Cell phones and screens are keeping your kid awake

Cell phones and screens are keeping your kid awake

For small children and teenagers, employing mobile phones, tablets and desktops at night is affiliated with losing sleep time and snooze high-quality, new investigate finds. Even small children who will not use their telephones or the other technologies littering their bedrooms at night time are shedding shut-eye and turning out to be inclined to daylight sleepiness, the assessment printed nowadays in JAMA Pediatrics finds.

The evaluation found “a dependable pattern of outcome throughout a extensive array of nations and settings,” claimed Dr. Ben Carter, guide writer and a senior lecturer in biostatistics at King’s College or university London.

Carter and his colleagues weeded by way of the health-related literature to determine hundreds of applicable scientific tests done among January 1, 2011, and June 15, 2015. They chose 20 investigation studies involving a full of 125,198 small children, evenly divided by gender, with an ordinary age of 14½ many years. Immediately after extracting pertinent data, Carter and his co-authors performed their individual meta-assessment.

Several moms and dads will be shocked by the outcomes: The team observed a “strong and regular affiliation” concerning bedtime media unit use and inadequate rest quantity, lousy slumber good quality and too much daytime sleepiness.

Surprisingly, though, Carter and his group found that small children who did not use their products in their bedrooms continue to had their slumber interrupted and have been possible to undergo the exact difficulties. The lights and sounds emitted by the know-how, as properly as the information by itself, might be much too stimulating.

However Carter admits that a weak point of the evaluation was “how the facts was gathered in the major scientific tests: self-noted by dad and mom and little ones,” quite a few of us will in all probability recognize our possess families’ habits reflected in the statistics.

Electronic bedroom

A substantial-scale poll carried out in the United States by the Nationwide Snooze Foundation (PDF) documented in 2013 that 72% of all youngsters and 89% of teens have at the very least a person device in their slumber surroundings. Most of this technology is utilised in close proximity to bedtime, that very same report observed.

In accordance to Carter and his co-authors, this omnipresent engineering negatively influences children’s sleep by delaying their rest time, as they finish watching a movie or enjoy a person extra sport.

Gentle emitted from these devices may possibly also have an impact on the circadian rhythm, the inner clock timing organic processes, which include system temperature and hormone release, the researchers describe. A person particular hormone, melatonin, induces tiredness and contributes to the timing of our sleep-wake cycles. Electronic lights can delay the release of melatonin, disrupting this cycle and generating it more difficult to slide asleep.

Carter and his co-authors also recommend that on the internet content may perhaps be psychologically stimulating and maintain young children and teenagers awake much previous the hour when they change off their products and test to sleep.

“Snooze is essential for young children,” said Dr. Sujay Kansagra, director of the pediatric neurology rest medicine software at Duke College Clinical Centre, who was not included in the new investigation. “We know that slumber performs a critical job in brain development, memory, self-regulation, interest, immune operate, cardiovascular health and fitness and considerably additional.”

Kansagra, creator of “My Youngster Won’t Sleep,” famous that the period of biggest brain progress is in our to start with a few a long time of everyday living, which corresponds to when we will need and get the most snooze. “It can be tricky to think that this would be a coincidence.”

Kansagra explained it is really attainable that mom and dad underreported youngsters using gadgets at evening, but far more probably, the technology is just interfering with sleep hygiene. “For case in point, kids who are authorized to preserve products in their area may perhaps be much more most likely to stay clear of a superior rest routine, which we know is valuable for sleep,” he explained.

Working towards excellent sleep hygiene

Dr. Neil Kline, a consultant of the American Rest Association, agrees that rest plays an integral function in a kid’s wholesome development, even nevertheless “we will not know all of the science behind it. There is even some analysis which demonstrates an association concerning ADHD and some slumber problems.”

In many respects, the findings of the new study are no shock. “Snooze cleanliness is staying substantially impacted by technologies, primarily in the teen many years,” reported Kline, who bases his feeling not only on investigation but on his own “personal encounter and also the anecdotes of quite a few other rest industry experts.”

Snooze hygiene — strategies that assistance facilitate fantastic, continuous and ample slumber — consist of owning a room that is peaceful. “And that would imply taking away products that interfere with snooze, which include electronics, Television set and even pets if they interfere with sleep,” Kline explained.
A person extra essential tip arrives from the Countrywide Snooze Foundation, which recommends at minimum 30 minutes of “gadget-free of charge changeover time” right before bedtime. Electricity down for greater sleep.

Other tips for fantastic sleep cleanliness include things like not performing exercises (bodily or mentally) too close to bedtime creating a standard sleep agenda limiting exposure to light prior to slumber staying away from stimulants these as liquor, caffeine and nicotine in the hours ahead of bedtime and producing a darkish, comfortable and peaceful sleep surroundings.

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Brightest supermoon since 1948

Brightest supermoon since 1948
Crowds in Fremantle, Australia, look at the supermoon on Monday, November 14. NASA scientists say the moon is brighter than it has appeared at any point in the last 68 years. Paul Kane/Getty Images

The moon rises over Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong on November 14. A supermoon occurs when the moon becomes full on the same days as its perigee, which is the point in the moon’s orbit when it is closest to Earth. Supermoons generally appear to be 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full moons. Kin Cheung/AP

The moon appears over the Binhe Yellow River Bridge in Yinchuan, China, on November 14. Qi yingtao/Imaginechina/AP Images

Evergreen trees are silhouetted on the mountain top as a supermoon rises over a ranch in Silverthorne, Colorado, on November 14. Jack Dempsey/AP

The supermoon is seen behind the Soyuz spacecraft at the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on November 14. KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP/Getty Images

The supermoon is seen in Beijing on November 14. Imaginechina/Stringer/Ap Images

A man rides a horse past people watching the supermoon in Chennai, India, on November 14. ARUN SANKAR/AFP/Getty Images

The supermoon rises behind the Propylaea above the Ancient Acropolis hill in Athens, Greece, on November 14. ARIS MESSINIS/AFP/Getty Images

The supermoon is seen above a statue in Vienna, Austria, on November 14. JOE KLAMAR/AFP/Getty Images

The moon rises behind the Almodovar castle in Cordoba, Spain, on Sunday, November 13. Miguel Morenatti/AP

The supermoon appears behind the MesseTurm tower in Frankfurt, Germany, on November 13. FRANK RUMPENHORST/DPA/AFP/Getty Images

A passenger plane passes in front of the moon, as seen from Whittier, California, on November 13. Nick Ut/AP

People stroll along the Tagus riverside as the moon rises in Lisbon, Portugal, on November 13. Armando Franca/AP

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Girls to design Africa’s first private space satellite

Girls to design Africa's first private space satellite

They are section of a workforce of high college girls from Cape Town, South Africa, who have designed and designed payloads for a satellite that will orbit about the earth’s poles scanning Africa’s area.

Once in space, the satellite will acquire data on agriculture, and food security within the continent.

Working with the info transmitted, “we can check out to decide and forecast the issues Africa will be dealing with in the upcoming”, clarifies Bull, a pupil at Pelican Park Superior College.

“In which our food items is developing, exactly where we can plant more trees and vegetation and also how we can keep track of remote parts,” she states. “We have a whole lot of forest fires and floods but we you should not often get out there in time.”

Information acquired twice a day will go towards catastrophe prevention.

It really is section of a challenge by South Africa’s Meta Economic Development Firm (MEDO) functioning with Morehead State College in the US.

Bold 1st

The women (14 in complete) are remaining skilled by satellite engineers from Cape Peninsula University of Technological know-how, in a bid to motivate far more African ladies into STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).

If the start is effective, it will make MEDO the initially non-public enterprise in Africa to build a satellite and deliver it into orbit.

“We assume to obtain a superior sign, which will permit us to get responsible facts,” declares an enthusiastic Mngqengqiswa, of Philippi Superior Faculty. “In South Africa we have expert some of the worst floods and droughts and it has genuinely afflicted the farmers extremely terribly.”

Drought and environmental consequences from local weather modify have ongoing to plague the place in new decades. An El Niño induced drought led to a shortfall of 9.3 million tons in southern Africa’s April 2016 maize output, according to a UN report.

“It has brought on our financial system to fall … This is a way of looking at how we can enhance our economic climate,” says the youthful Mngqengqiswa.

Inspiring girls

The girls' satellite will have a detailed vantage point of South Africa's drought crisis which led to a shortfall of 9.3 million tons in southern Africa's April 2016 maize production.

First trials associated the girls programming and launching compact CricketSat satellites employing higher-altitude weather conditions balloons, right before ultimately supporting to configure the satellite payloads.

The girls learning science in defiance of Boko Haram

Modest format satellites are very low price approaches of collecting facts on the earth swiftly. Tests so much have included accumulating thermal imaging information which is then interpreted for early flood or drought detection.

“It is a new area for us [in Africa] but I assume with it we would be able to make good adjustments to our economic system,” suggests Mngqengqiswa.

Ultimately, it is hoped the challenge will involve girls from Namibia, Malawi, Kenya, and Rwanda.

Mngqengqiswa comes from a solitary guardian residence. Her mom is a domestic employee. By getting to be a space engineer or astronaut, the teenager hopes to make her mom very pleased.

“Getting room and looking at the Earth’s environment, it is not anything numerous black Africans have been able to do, or do not get the option to seem at,” suggests Mngqengqiswa.

The schoolgirl is right in fifty percent a century of place vacation, no black African has journeyed to outer house. “I want to see these items for myself,” says Mngqengqiswa, “I want to be capable to knowledge these matters.”

Her group mate, Bull agrees: “I want to show to fellow women that we never need to have to sit all around or restrict ourselves. Any vocation is feasible — even aerospace.”

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What parents should know about the VR gear kids want

What parents should know about the VR gear kids want

From Google’s inexpensive Cardboard VR viewer to Sony’s new PlayStation VR, this guide will enable you figure out what makes perception for your family’s passions, wants, and spending plan. Here are your selections if you want to dip your toe in the drinking water, wade knee-deep, or definitely swim with the VR huge fish.

Keep in brain, digital truth is a promptly changing technology, so constantly examine out the companies’ internet sites, skilled critiques on internet sites like CNET, and user opinions just before you consider the leap.

Digital truth viewers are inexpensive, handheld units that provide three-dimensional views and the emotion of remaining in a distinct put. The viewers’ lenses do the job by extending the depth of static photographs or animation but do not allow for you to interact with your ecosystem. To use them, obtain any app labeled “VR” in either iTunes or Google Enjoy, launch the application, and insert your smartphone into the viewer. Most viewers use your phone’s button or yet another basic input to manage the action.

Essential capabilities

• Economical

• Suitable with most smartphones and iOS or Android apps labeled “VR” (other than for the Watch-Master, which utilizes specially created applications)

• Additional like a 3D movie than true VR

• Greatest for academic information and game titles

• Collection of significant-excellent apps is currently quite confined. Test the New York Times’ VR Virtual Truth Tales and these suggestions.

Items in this category

• Google Cardboard ($14.99)
Basically made of cardboard, this handheld product that you put alongside one another your self is a fun, novel way of experiencing virtual reality. Use with any smartphone and iOS or Android VR apps. Google gives loads of various viewers, which include the steampunk-on the lookout Google Tech C-1 Glass VR Viewer ($14.99).
• SmartTheater Digital Reality Headset ($19.99)

This is a snug viewer with adjustable lenses, a head strap, and an quick-to-use set off input. Arrives with a cardboard, handheld motion-controller that provides some oomph to video games. Will work with most smartphones and any iOS or Android VR applications.

• See-Grasp Digital Actuality ($29.99)

Geared for mastering fairly than gaming, the View-Master is accessible in a range of offers that allow you take a look at dinosaurs, place, wildlife, and more. Each individual pack involves insertable picture reels (your cell phone gives the horsepower). Functions with most smartphones and specifically designed See-Learn iOS or Android apps.

Digital tools to transform sport-obsessed young children into real video game designers

VR Headsets: Greatest for Huge Little ones and Tweens

When video games become an addiction

Moving up in rate and characteristics are VR headsets. They are comparable to viewers in that you down load VR apps from the app retailer and insert your cellular phone in them. Headsets function with the correct same apps as the viewers (besides for the Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream Viewbut give you a more immersive experience.

The advantages of headsets are that they are additional at ease to don for a extended time, they suit improved (preventing mild leaks), they have superior lenses, and they typically have earphone ports. Which is why some persons like to use them to view movies. They really don’t make the films three-dimensional, but they provide a particular-motion picture-theater-form encounter. They also usually have designed-in recreation controllers on the headset by itself or do the job with handheld controllers, providing you much more selections in apps than you would have with a basic viewer.

Important features

• Pricier than viewers

• Appropriate with most smartphones (other than the Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream Watch) and iOS or Android apps labeled “VR”

• A lot more plausible, you-are-there practical experience, but constrained capacity to interact with your natural environment

• Fantastic for online games, educational content, and motion picture viewing

• Variety of high-quality apps is currently reasonably confined. Try the New York Times’ VR Virtual Actuality Stories and these suggestions.

• Headsets have minimal age specifications set by the companies check the age before you obtain.

From geek dens to gallery walls: Why gaming is now for adults and art lovers

Solutions in this class

• Merge VR Goggles ($79)

This huge purple headset is made of adaptable foam and has audio ports and dual enter buttons for effortless recreation handle. Functions with most iOS and Android VR apps.

• Google Daydream Check out ($79 shipping and delivery November 2016)
Built of cloth, this lightweight plush headset is built exclusively for Google’s brand name-new Daydream VR system. The platform contains Daydream-appropriate telephones (such as the firm’s Pixel telephone), applications, and controllers. Daydream Check out arrives with a controller and the corporation says there will be 50 applications at start, including video games, educational written content, and streaming companies.
• Samsung Equipment VR ($99)

Made solely for Samsung telephones, the Gear VR incorporates an input pad on the aspect of the headset and works with bluetooth controllers, the two of which enable you navigate games simply. Performs with Gear VR-suitable online games (which includes Minecraft Gear VR Version).

• VR Kix Digital Actuality Headset ($49.99)

Separately adjustable lenses, a snug in good shape, and a smartphone tray you can customize to your telephone make the Kix a excellent choice for quality VR on any smartphone. Performs with most iOS and Android VR apps.

5 methods movie game titles can assist children with distinctive wants

Consoles: Very best for 12 and Up

Teen gamers do better at math than social media stars, study says

Suitable now, the only VR gaming console is made available by Sony. The company’s just-in-time-for-the-holiday seasons PlayStation VR headset is effective with the PlayStation 4. If you do not have a PS4 already, you could purchase the PlayStation 4 Trim or a PlayStation 4 Pro (also model-new for the holiday seasons) and the PSVR. The headset additionally the horsepower furnished by the console offers an immersive, interactive VR encounter.

Critical functions

• High priced

• Limited to Sony PlayStation

• Completely immersive and interactive possible for movement sickness

• Online games have a tendency to be mature but abundant, like Batman Arkham VR, 100ft Robot Golfing, Ultimate Fantasy XV VR, Battlezone, and Resident Evil 7.

• Sony’s proposed age minimal is 12.
Take a ride on a virtual reality roller coaster

Items in this class

• PlayStation VR Launch Bundle ($499.99)

Incorporates everything you want to transform your PS4 into a VR equipment, which include a headset, a camera, two movement controllers, a video game, and cables.

• PlayStation 4 Trim ($299.99) PSVR offered individually

A newly redesigned, slimmer version of the PS4, this a person has improved graphics, a lighted controller, and runs quieter.

• PlayStation 4 Professional ($399.99) PSVR marketed separately

Much better graphics, a lot quicker action, and optimized to perform greater with distinct “Professional-Enhanced” game titles

What dad and mom want to know about engineering dependancy

Tremendous-strong headsets: Most effective for Teens

You may have heard of the ominous-sounding Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. These are the extremely-powerful VR headsets that supply a totally immersive experience some call it “the Holodeck” in reference to the alternate reality from Star Trek. Equally have to have substantial-stop, strong PCs (which price upwards of $500).

Essential characteristics

• Super expensive

• Call for compatible games (for illustration, Everest VR is a Vive unique) and high-powered computers

• Whole interactivity with your environment

• Games are inclined to be mature, including The Assembly and Deus Ex Mankind Divided.

• Ideal for households with teenagers Oculus Rift’s maker age bare minimum is 13 Valve states the Vive is “not for children.”

Solutions in this group

Delivers a “area-scale practical experience.” If your little ones enjoy on the Steam gaming community, they have undoubtedly noticed adverts for the HTC Vive, as it truly is created by the same business, Valve, that owns Steam. Steam is supplying some Vive-only online games designed to choose edge of this headsets’ distinctive capabilities.

Will come with all the things to make VR a reality — besides the personal computer: a headset, a sensor, a remote, cables, an Xbox controller, and a match.

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